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How We Can Assist


Consider us an extension of your sales or logistics department to provide you with export transportation related expertise to help you manage both strategic and the day-to-day requirements.

  • Rate and Route Negotiation
  • Keep abreast of a volatile industry
  • Make shipping easier
  • Manage crisis – before they occur
  • Risk Assessment

Cost Savings

We understand that transportation is a major cost component. Companies who utilize the shipping market are struggling to cut costs by cents per tonne, and the attitude we have developed is that anything we can do to help is significant. With each transaction, we work to reduce costs without sacrificing cargo care. Some examples include:

  • Recognize and tender opportunities for lower ocean freight rates.
  • Haggle over spot rates: $50/40′ works out to $2.50 per tonne.
  • Verify lay time interpretation and calculation in the case of free in bookings.
  • Negotiate with carriers to share costs.
  • Negotiate free time extensions for receivers.
  • Determine carrier negotiation strategy based on our experience as vessel agents with insight as to how carriers calculate rates.

As a cargo broker our fees are based on a percentage of the ocean freight charges and are paid by the shipping line to Pangea. No fees are charged to the shipper, except for extra services. Such services would be specifically agreed upon between Pangea and our customer. These might be additional documentation services, other than those included in our service package, or international couriers requested by our customer.

Shippers may be concerned that these commission costs may be passed to them in the form of higher freight rates. Our experience is that as we are continually in the market representing high volumes of cargo, our rates are either below or at par with the rates available to other major shippers.

As an independent service provider, we are performance and results driven as this is the key to ensuring our continued partnering. Our belief is, the lower the cost, the more successful our customers will be in selling into their respective markets.