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Freight Forwarder Expertise

We are experts in shipping so that you can focus on your business. We focus 100% of our time on cargo care and cost savings providing a level of service which optimizes the efficiencies of the movement of cargo to offshore destinations.

Pangea has highly trained, knowledgeable personnel who are aware of the unique requirements for each customer and commodity and of the shipping options available. Each Pangea staff member has more than ten years of ocean shipping experience. Our combined experience totals over 200 years!

Daily contact with ocean carriers and shippers keeps us apprised of current market conditions — current rates, new players, freight market trends, changes in local and overseas facilities.

We provide you with the information you need to optimize your supply chain. From customized reports containing industry intelligence to presentations or statistical analysis. Solutions might include:

  • Trade reviews outlining issues, trends and recommendations.
  • Freight rate projections to be used for budgets and plans.
  • Presentations to overseas agents.
  • Production of a foreign language cargo care and handling video for overseas stevedores.
  • Preferred route analysis.
  • Research, market studies, trend reporting, – we find solutions to your transportation challenges.